Jessup 60″ 32 Station Automatic Barrel Line PL2169C


(2) Hoists, (20) 20″ x 60″ Hardwood Barrels With .25″ Perfs, (12) are New, (8) are Original, Straight Line Configuration, 480 Volt, Superstructure Included.  Production Rate:  12-15 loads/hr.  Allen Bradley SLC 5/04 Programmable Controls, AB NEMA 4X Panelview Touch Screen.  4,000 lb. Hydraulic Load Hoppers with Vibe Feeder and Load Scale, Tank Ventilation with Push Air Blower, Hoffman Air Agitation Blower, (2) Desco 3024 Steam Heat, Modularized Tank Sections for Easy Reassembly, Steam Heated Tanks with Coils, No Filters for the Zinc Tank.  All Plating Cells have Individual Rectification.  (12) Rapid, 1500 Amp, 9 Volt, Water Cooled SCR Rectifiers. Manufactured in 2000.  Ships from Du Quoin, IL 62832.

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