Jessup 36 Station Automatic Barrel Line PL2146C


Includes (2) 1,000 lb. Jessup hoists, all fiberglass tanks, 20X – 20″ x 60″ Jessup poly barrels, 4,000 lb automatic load dumper, 7 station & 8 station acid zinc tanks, all anode baskets & bussing included. Mefiag 3200 Sy Polypro filter, (1) Desco 2420 spin dryer with baskets, (1) Dynapower 14,000 amp, 9 volt plating rectifier, (1) Dynapower 9,000 amp, 9 volt plating rectifier, (1) Dynapower 4,000 amp, 24 volt Electroclean rectifier, all water cooled. All superstructure included and control panels included with Allen Bradley controls. Includes coils in tanks, had been converted from steam to hot water. Currently the line is designed to be manually operated.

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