Used Waste Treatment Equipment – Eco-Tec Inc Model D15 Acid Purification System W2021-Waste Treatment Equipment.


OAD: 86″L x 55″W x 80″H. The AnoPur™ Unit is a skid mounted device that connects directly to an anodizing tank, continuously removing aluminum as it is dissolved.
The AnoPur™ unit has the flexibility to be connected to one tank or several tanks. It employs
a simple PLC (programmable logic controller) in a control panel that uses a graphical display to indicate what the unit is doing at any given time. The heart of the AnoPur™ unit is a column of ion exchange resin that can absorb acid while rejecting metal salts to waste. The acid is recovered from the resin using a simple water wash.
Includes Feed Pump, Dual Cartridge type Filters, Single Recoflo resin bed (acid sorption)
Internal PVC piping and valving with socket/flange fittings Acid Hydropneumatic reservoir with liquid level control. Water hydropneumatic reservoir with liquid level control
Corrosion resistant painted steel frame. 24 VDC Control panel with programmable logic controller (panel mounted to unit frame)

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